College Trigonometry With Extensive Use of the Tau Transcendental is a derived work, based upon Stitz, C. & Zeager, J. (2013). Precalculus (Corrected 3rd ed.), Chapters 10 & 11, implemented under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. College Trigonometry With Extensive Use of the Tau Transcendental is written in the mathematical typesetting language LaTex, and you'll need a complete LaTex distribution on your computer in order to compile. As LaTex installations vary, I can't provide specific instructions for each computer/LaTex set up, but here is a suggested sequence for getting started:
  1. Download and extract the archived file: either college_trig_with_tau.tar.gz or
  2. You have two choices as starting point: If you are primarily going to view a PDF of the textbook on a computer or smart device, compile the file CollegeTrigWithTau.tex. This version will include hyperlinks for navigating to particular sections and exercises. If you plan to print the textbook or portions of the textbook, then compile the file CollegeTrigWithTauPrint.tex for easier readability.
  3. After the first compile/typesetting pass, you will likely need to do a second pass to get the table of contents to appear correctly.
  4. Depending on your LaTex environment, you may need to make separate compilation passes for metapost (.mp) files that were generated in the first pass. For example, on my Mac LaTex setup using TeXShop as the front-end, I compiled each newly generated .mp file with the nv-metapost option. Some LaTex systems may automatically generate metapost graphics if the system's settings have been configured correctly.
  5. Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager, authors of the Precalculus text from which College Trigonometry With Extensive Use of the Tau Transcendental was derived, have several video tutorials explaining how to compile their textbook source code on a Windows 7 system. As College Trigonometry With Tau is a modified subset of Precalculus, their instructions might apply to the compilation of College Trigonometry with Tau as well.